DO5SBZ is now DL9DX. Please visit my new page (click me) since this place is here for nostalgic reasons only and very possible will be gone in the near future.

If YOU are the legitimate new holder of DO5SBZ and want this domain, drop me a line and i will hand it over asap :-]

Hello world!

Since June 2020 i am now holder of a novice licence to participate in the amateur radio service with the assigned call sign DO5SBZ. The name is Marcel.

This page does serve me as an anchor point in the web besides QRZ.com.

Maidenhead Locator: JO60XW

Overview of my activities and worked contacts per 02.05.2021 (created with Log Analyzer)

80 Meter

15 Meter:

10 Meter:

6 Meter:

2 Meter: